ASOS Complaints – 0843 487 1829

ASOS ComplaintsASOS is one of the largest independent fashion retailers in the UK, offering tens of thousands of brand name and house brand items and reasonable prices, with free shipping to 190 countries. Buying clothes over the Internet can be a bit tricky because sizes can vary so much between brands, and even the best company makes mistakes sometimes. In the event that a customer ends up not receiving what they expected, the ASOS complaints department is there to help, and are contactable through the ASOS customer services number.

Orders & Payments

Shopping online is usually easy and convenient, but sometimes an order doesn’t go through as intended or a payments gets processed at the wrong time. Customers with a question or complaint about and order can email the Customer Care team via the online form, or contact them through Facebook or Twitter. There is no ASOS complaints contact number, but the company prides itself on prompt email support and a helpful support page.

Delivery Complaints

ASOS orders usually ship quickly, but postal services can take varying amounts of time to get the package to customer. Each ASOS order confirmation email will list an estimated delivery date. If this date passes and nothing arrives, customers can file a complaint through the ASOS website using their registered email address and the order number from their confirmation email.

Returns complaints

Sometimes online purchases just don’t work out. And item is sent in the wrong size, or looks different in person than it did on a screen, or maybe it just doesn’t look as good once the customer has tried it on as they hoped it would. Return policies and procedures for dealing with complaints are different for customers from the UK than for international customers, but everyone can find the correct procedure for their situation in the Help section of the ASOS website. If customers have additional complaints or questions about a return, they can email the Customer Care team.

Although there is no publicly available ASOS Complaints contact number, the company takes customer care seriously, and any ASOS complaints can be dealt with through their user friendly help page or prompt email support service.